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World of Winged Felines

What is Felisfire?
Felisfire is a game that focuses on breeding and collecting. After you claim and create feli from your six starter eggs, your progress in the game will be measured by your "Breeding Score." Your Breeding Score increases by 1 for every natural-born egg laid in your colony. As your score increases, you will be able to unlock more sophisticated and useful features in your lab.

Use the feli in your colony to explore the beautiful and dangerous world of Felisfire. Whether you're hunting prey with your feli or exploring the regions for collectible items, there is plenty for you and your feli to do together. Some regions can only be fully explored by different species of feli, so be sure to expand your breeding pool as much as possible.

When is Felisfire going to accept testers?
The website should be fully functional and ready to accept testers by May 15th.

When will Felisfire be open for registration?
We are uncertain at this point, but anticipating June 2010.

What are some distinguishing features of Felisfire?
- Your feli interact with each other and build relationships with each other: they can grow to like, dislike, hate, or even fall in love with each other. This is important because feli who like each other or fall in love with each other are more likely to produce eggs.

- The habitat your feli live in is dynamic. Occurrences happen every so often - there may be disasters or blessings, depending on your luck.

- Your feli can hunt prey alone or in groups of two, and prey is unique depending on the region you are hunting in.

- As you explore the world of Felisfire, you will encounter collectible birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, stones/rocks, plants, and other objects to seek out.

- Feli go through life stages: infant, adolescent, adult, and elder. Most feli have a lifespan of sixty days. You can "freeze" your feli with your lab and export them from your colony. You can also import frozen feli into your colony from other scientists' breeding pools.

- Your exploring feli is able to interact with and even breed with wild feli, allowing you to bring in new genes for species and markings.

- Everything is modifiable through your lab, depending on your breeding score: markings, marking colors, other colors, phenotype (how your feli looks), genotype (what genes it passes on to its offspring), gender, etc.

- Feli have a complex dominant/recessive genetic makeup. Colors and markings from grandma and grandpa may show up on grandchildren.

- Collect herbs and magic stones in the feli environments that you can take onboard the starship and learn to produce powerful potions from.

- Gain a job from on-ship characters to earn Energy, the site currency. You can also post on the on-site forums to gain Energy.

- Hatch genetically engineered eggs with markings based on your breeding score. You will start off being able to hatch two-marking feli, but as your breeding score increases so will the number of markings you can use per egg.

And much, much more!


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